Additional revenue for property owners

Become a part of our network by hosting an Intelparcel locker

Make money

We make it easy - simply let us install our lockers and handle the rest. You will be matched with an Operator who will pay you a monthly fee for using your space.

Increase foot traffic

Our lockers will attract more traffic to your brick-and-mortar location, increase awareness and bring in more sales without you lifting a finger.

Become a host


4 pre-defined and custom slot sizes
Climate Control
Indoor/outdoor all weather
Pickup/drop-off and return
Credit card payments
Cash payments
Charging ports
Wi-fi hotspot
Secure time-based storage
Voucher and label printer

Analytics & Tracking

Our cloud system allows you to track shipments, monitor earnings, and usage statistics for every locker. Connect with Intelparcel providers for maximum profitability.

E-commerce plugins & API

Our system easily integrates with most popular e-commerce platforms. We also feature a well-documented API for all kinds of custom integrations.

Public or private operation

Operate your own IntelParcel lockers to reduce shipping and handling expenses, have it your way.

Make money on auto-pilot

Get paid for renting your space or your locker, it's all automated - you can generate passive income from every parcel. Your earning will be automatically deposited to your account of choice.

How it works for hosts

Advertise your space on our network

Buy an Intelparcel locker and host it on your own or rented property. You can make money from each delivery as operator, property owner, or both. Our intelligent cloud solution will track and handle everything. Just sit back and watch the money roll in.

Set your own price

As an Intelparcel locker host you get to set your own price for providing your space. Using our easy cloud admin app you can configure your business and set your own prices and terms.

Get matched with an Operator and start making money

Once we find a suitable locker operator (or they find you), an Intelparcel locker will be installed at your location and connected with your system. You will receive your monthly payments automatically.


Making people happy one delivery at a time!

Simply fantastic!

Thanks to the Intelparcel locker in my store my foot traffic had increased almost 500% in the past month! 

No more missed shipments!

Having my deliveries picked up at Intelparcel made my life so much easier. I am not home during the day and used to miss a lot of deliveries. Not anymore! Thanks IP!

What a lifesaver!

Hosting Intelparcel lockers is such a no-brainer I'm surprised they are not at every store in the world. Not only was it worth the investment, it paid off in less than a year thanks to increased sales!

I got 2x more clients at my online store!

Having Intelparcel as a delivery location allowed me to reach customers that I never dreamed of. I can now delivery my products to remote locations that are simply unable to get anything otherwise.

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