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Experience secure and effortless parcel storage, delivery, and pick-up with our
Smart Locker solution. Simplify your last-mile delivery with efficient and reliable automation.

Warehouse Operations

Crowd Logistics

Our crowd logistics platform helps businesses optimize their delivery capabilities and enhance customer satisfaction. With a larger pool of available drivers and delivery agents, we can offer faster and more flexible delivery options, particularly for last-mile delivery. Our platform can also ...

3PL Courier Logistics

By outsourcing logistics to our trusted 3PL provider, businesses can eliminate the need to invest in warehouse infrastructure, transportation vehicles, and logistics technology, resulting in significant cost savings. As logistics specialists, our 3PL providers possess industry knowledge ...

E-commerce Business
E-Commerce Outdoor Fulfillment

Internal Logistics

Our internal logistics model helps businesses achieve operational excellence, cost savings, and improved customer service. By optimizing material flow, resource utilization, and production support, we empower businesses to enhance their competitiveness, meet customer demands ...

Smart Lockers

Experience convenience like never before - make sure to take your parcels; let our smart lockers bring them to you. Thoughtfully designed to provide an efficient solution for end-users and e-commerce/logistics companies alike, our intelligent lockers create the perfect parcel ...

Smart Logistics and Warehousing
operators and charge rent

Door Delivery

Our smart logistics bring the convenience of door delivery right to your fingertips. Our innovative and efficient delivery system ensures that your parcels are delivered directly to your doorstep, saving you time and effort. With real-time tracking and optimized routes, we guarantee timely ...

E-commerce Marketplaces

Leveraging our advanced logistics framework, we seamlessly integrate with your marketplace platform, elevating your logistical process. Our solution ensures faster deliveries, seamless transactions, elevated customer satisfaction, and a distinctive ...

E-commerce Business
E-Commerce Outdoor Fulfillment

Corporate Brands

Our seamless service concept, harmonized with your brand's exceptional quality, not only saves valuable time and costs but also amplifies customer satisfaction through round-the-clock access to our smart lockers. Moreover, our omnichannel strategy elevates both online shopping and in- ...

Courier Companies

Our smart logistic solution is crafted to offer round-the-clock parcel delivery accessibility, elevating service quality through environmentally friendly and technological solutions. This innovation significantly reduces recurring costs ...

Smart Logistics and Warehousing
E-Commerce Outdoor Fulfillment


Our crowd-shipping feature offers a user-friendly choice for shippers and delivery agents. This adaptable and streamlined solution leverages personal vehicles and preferred schedules to ...

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