Make money by operating a delivery locker

Buy a customized locker and start earning money as an operator, property owner, or both! Our intelligent cloud solution handles everything, from tracking deliveries to managing payments. Sit back and watch the revenue grow! 


Rent your space to other operators and charge rent

Are you a property owner with available space? Sign up with IntelParcel to monetize your property by listing it for hosting one of our operator's Lockers. Increase foot traffic to your store by renting your space to Intelparcel operators. You will become a community landmark, dramatically boost your sales and generate income from lending your space. It's a win-win for any brick-and-mortar location with available space. Join us today and turn your vacant space into a revenue stream.

Become a LOCKER Host

Simplify delivery for your online customers

If you're running an online store, you can easily allow your customers to ship your products to our delivery lockers. We will handle everything, eliminating missed deliveries and extending your reach to areas where you were unable to ship before. We feature easy integration with popular e-commerce providers and a fully documented API for custom integrations. Join us today and enhance your customer experience.

Integrate your store

Solve your last mile delivery problems

If you are running a delivery service you know how important it is to minimize missed deliveries. By delivering to our locker you can say goodbye to last-mile delivery troubles. We'll securely store your shipments, notify recipients, and significantly reduce returns to the sender, streamlining your delivery process and increasing customer satisfaction.

Deliver to our lockers


Predefined and custom slot sizes
Climate Control
Indoor/outdoor all weather
Pickup/drop-off and return
Credit card payments
Cash payments
Charging ports
Wi-fi hotspot
Secure time-based storage
Voucher and Label printer