Become an operator with Intelparcel

Maximize your earning potential with your IntelParcel Locker, Vending Machine, and Warehouse.

Make money

Unlock a hassle-free way to maximize your earnings with IntelParcel's smart lockers, vending machines, and warehouses. Simply purchase a locker, vending machine, or warehouse, and leave the rest to us. You can generate revenue by selling products online through our platform, hosting lockers and vending machines, and providing fulfillment services .

No property constraint

Expand your business without property constraints. Get your Lockers and Vending Machines installed hassle-free by setting your preferred location with IntelParcel. Our partner network offers a variety of hosting locations, and we will handle the delivery and installation process for you.

Effortless management

Our smart lockers and vending machines are part of an end-to-end network designed with operator convenience in mind. Advanced remote monitoring and management capabilities make it easy for operators to manage their lockers and vending machines without the need for manual intervention. Our network includes hosts who can help with inventory management, reducing the time and effort required for tracking and restocking inventory.

Maximize Revenue Generation

Operating smart lockers and vending machines provides operators with an opportunity to diversify their revenue streams, offer value-added services to their customers, and increase their operational efficiency. With the ability to rent out digital advertisement space to advertisers, operators can leverage their network of lockers and machines to reach a wider audience.